Is Online Gambling Legal?

It might be quite difficult to evaluate weather online gambling is legal or not. However, the US justice department found online gambling illegal to some degree. Sports gambling, for instance has been completely set out as illegal.

The internet gambling prohibition Act, is a law set to cover online gambling with basically its major aim being to update the wire act which makes it illegal for any gambling done over the internet, especially in the US and finally do away with gambling sites aimed at American users. Such sites for example, are forbidden from receiving or rather accepting credit cards, electronic funds transfer or checks from players, specifically from the United States. The new law that defines gambling as illegal is not actually so new, it has been introduced a number of times, but the house failed to pass it to law.

Gambling is bad, especially when it goes outside the state, in fact that is the basic reason as to why the Act outlaws it when it takes place within state lines. Online gambling largely contributes to outside-the-state gambling which is highly illegal. In addition to all this reasons gambling increases the chances of money laundering, because each player is entitled to submitting their credit cards which encourages the whole process of money laundering.

Many online gambling sites own unregistered or rather un updated licenses which renders the whole business thing illegal. It could be quite difficult to investigate an online gambling casino as compared to a physical casino, this is therefore where the whole problem wit illegal documentation.

On the other hand, gambling can lead people into criminal activities. Gambling addicts never think twice before they do anything, in fact many criminal cases are as a result of gambling, the addiction forces lead them to risking huge amounts of money, some give up on their jobs and careers spoiling the rest of their lives. This is one great reason that has seen the Act passed to declare online gambling illegal.

Some online sites are engaged in shady dealings whereby, it encourages its players to make payments before the game, and you end up loosing with no benefits. Some request for your credit cards, together with your account numbers, all you get thereafter is nothing in your account. Their existence therefore is completely illegal.

There is also a burning concern that advertisement made by gambling sites, at times create an impression that they there activities are legal when the fact remains that they are illegal.

The justice department, have been considering punishments for both online gambling operations and their customers because its fair taking such actions, both the operator and the player know that the activity is illegal anyway.

Online gambling has a lot of risks; will you be paid the win? , are the games honest, who specifically is operating the gambling site, and the list is endless. it has a history connected with crime and corruption, that’s why it is controlled and deemed as illegal.

Anything dealing with gambling on the internet, operating an internet gambling site, receiving gambling information or basically facilitating internet gambling in anyway is illegal.